Patch 2.3

Released February 2009

User Interface

  • In the team selection menu, the team numbers (AKA hotkeys) are drawn before the team names

Generic / Misc Stuff

  • Altered the version checker to allow us to release future FF updates that don't require new client/server code binaries
  • Reduced conc explosion sound attenuation


  • Made HW tracer frequency different between client (1 in 2 shots for your ac) and server (1 in 8 shots for another player's ac)
  • Fixed SG muzzle flash not drawing
  • Added dynamic light to SG muzzle flash

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed player MaxSpeed function always returning 0 for disconnected players (was specifically an issue in CP maps)
  • More attemps at fixing a rare, stupid scoreboard-related crash
  • Fixed crash related to players disconnecting while in a CP zone (base_cp)

Class-specific Changes

  • Medic:
    • Made dropped health packs only heal to 100%
  • Engineer:
    • Made maliciously sabotaged sentries not be spotted by other SGs for 2.5 seconds

Map changes

  • Impact
    • Made a more informative hud
    • Added timed defensive points
    • Added a doorway to the back corner of the third floor
    • Made secondary gate open 1 minute after the main gate opens
    • Locked mp_timelimit once the round times are determined
    • Disabled D scouts
  • Waterpolo
    • Optimized objective icon updates
    • Made everyone (other than the ball carrier) always see the ball as their objective
    • Fixed bug where goalies weren't always respawned when inside the enemy zone
    • Moved goal objective locations into the goals
  • Schtop
    • Fixed security getting broken and out of sync
  • Aardvark
    • Security timer shorter
    • Fixed shadows
    • Bags redone
    • Sniper limit 1
  • Destroy
    • Labeled security buttons
    • Fixed shadows
    • Put in door triggers, so players can now bhop through
  • Openfire
    • Shadows fixed
  • Dustbowl
    • Made door triggers open their doors with OnTrigger instead of OnStartTouch, so they don't close in players' faces
    • Increased grenade bag timers from 5 to 15 seconds.
  • Monkey
    • Made bags in resupplies give 200 metal instead of 90
    • Fixed door triggers
    • Aligned a few textures
  • Shutdown2
    • Made the top respawn room a resupply only
  • All ID Maps
    • Made a more informative hud
  • All AvD Maps
    • Made a more informative hud
    • Locked mp_timelimit to 24
    • Fixed scoring bugs, so now the winning team always wins with 120 points

Lua changes

  • Added set_cvar( cvarname, value ) function that only calls SetConvar if the cvar isn't already set to value
  • Added lowercase c "Broadcast" functions, because uppercase C "BroadCast" functions are lame
  • base_teamplay: Made resupply bags float by default