Patch 2.43

Released June 30, 2011

Generic / Misc Stuff

  • Made melee always hit your target if you are inside them (for healing/wrenching while softclipping with a teammate)
  • Made disguised spies softclip using their actual team instead of disguised team
    • Solved a problem where a spy could undisguise inside a player and get stuck
    • Running into teammates to see if you go through them can now be a weird and dangerous way to spy check

Bug Fixes / Optimizations

  • Fixed a client crash related to joining a server while a laser grenade is active or thrown
  • Fixed age-old bug where incorrect timeleft would be shown on your HUD if you connect/reconnect to a server after prematch has ended or ff_restartround was used
  • Potential fix for autoreload sometimes not working
  • Fixed slowfield loop sound not being stopped when the slowfield gets removed forcefully (like on class change)
  • Fixed slowfield not setting all affected players' speed back to normal when the slowfield gets removed forcefully (like on class change)
  • Fixed the laser grenade's arms going through things they shouldn't (like cornfield starting door)
  • Fixed pipes and grenades going through things they shouldn't (like destroy security door)
  • Fixed MIRVs getting stuck in walls if you try to throw one while next to a wall
  • Hopefully fixed some FPS/choppiness issues that 2.42 seemed to cause
  • Fixed grenade prime sound (the click) getting played twice when priming a secondary grenade
  • Fixed detpacks not being able to blow up some detpack walls (like on ff_stowaway_b2)
  • Fixed moving brushes (doors/elevs) thinking players were blocking them even though they weren't due to softclipping
  • Potentially fixed a bug that made some projectiles stop players as though they were walls
  • Fixed railgun shoot animations glitching like crazy
  • Optimized the slowfield and overpressure code a little bit
  • Optimized HUD elements a bit

Class-specific Changes

  • Scout
    • Jump Pad
      • Jump pad health increased from 125 to 150
  • Medic
    • The Super Nailgun clip size has been increased from 30 to 50
    • The Super Nailgun reload time has been decreased by 0.5 seconds
    • Increased infection duration from 10 to 14 (2 more ticks)
  • HWGuy
    • Overpressure cooldown increased from 6 to 8
    • HWGuy spawns with 1 slowfield instead of 2
    • HWGuy has a maximum of 2 slowfields instead of 3
    • Slowfield
      • Duration decreased from 10 to 7
      • Radius decreased from 200 to 176
      • Inner radius decreased from 176 to 64 (the radius in which players receive the maximum amount of slow)
      • Fast moving players are slowed slightly less than they used to be

Map changes

  • FF_Palermo and FF_Cornfield
    • Each cap now has a four minute timer
  • FF_Warpath
    • Now ends properly with lighting changing CP 1 & 5
    • LDR lighting change to match HDR

Lua changes

  • Fixed SetConvar not working properly for replicated cvars like mp_timelimit (the updated value wasn't getting sent to the client)
  • Added SetConvar("cvar_name", "value")