Patch 2.46.1 (client-only)

Released May 19, 2013

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that made the team menu disappear if you joined a server and toggled the scoreboard while still looking at the MOTD
  • Fixed cloak screen effect being drawn while in a slowfield instead of while cloaked
  • Reverted cl_ragdolltime fix because it caused unexcepted problems; removed the cl_ragdolltime cvar temporarily
  • Fixed first-person spectator view going insane if the player you're spectating dies while concussed

Patch 2.46

Released May 6, 2013

Generic / Misc Stuff

  • Added support for the auto-updater checking for updates in game
  • Added armor to spectator nameplate
  • Added very basic support for spectating info_ff_script entities (console command: spec_item <info_ff_script entity name>, example: spec_item red_flag)
  • Modified the spec_goto command so that it switches you to roaming mode if you're not already in it (so you can use it from any mode instead of only being able to use it while already in roaming mode)
  • Added class to the player names in the spectator menu dropdown
  • Better gibs with blood and more control over what they look like
    • Renamed cl_gibcount cvar to cl_gib_count
    • Added cvars: cl_gib_force_scale, cl_gib_force_randomness, cl_gib_lifetime, cl_gib_blood_scale, cl_gib_blood_force_scale, cl_gib_blood_force_randomness, cl_gib_blood_count
    • Added command: spawngibs (spawns gibs on top of the local player; requires sv_cheats 1)
  • Changed the HP required to gib from <= -60 to <= -50
  • Enabled console by default

Bug Fixes / Optimizations

  • Fixed a server crash related to SGs
  • Fixed some auto assign bugs that made it work incorrectly
  • Fixed cl_ragdolltime not working
  • Fixed the crosshair not getting drawn in SourceTV demos
  • Made "Spectators: #" get hidden in SourceTV demos, it should only be there while actually viewing through SourceTV
  • Fixed conc stars, tranq z's, etc not getting shown for spectators
  • Fixed the team menu/MOTD getting shown when you open a SourceTV demo (MOTD still gets shown in SourceTV servers)
  • Fixed crash when changing observer mode in a SourceTV demo when there are no players connected
  • Fixed nameplate not being updated when changing observer target/mode in a SourceTV demo
  • Fixed Lua HUD timers getting drawn slightly too high up in a few base Lua files
  • Hopefully fixed a sporadic crash on map change (seemingly related to a trigger_hurt damaging something after the level has shutdown)
  • Fixed another case of the bug that could force your observer target to switch if your target got gibbed
  • Fixes for first-person spectating (in-game and in SourceTV):
    • Concussion effect now works
    • Cloak effect now works
    • Ammo counts on weapon models now work
    • Hit indicator now works
    • Flag shadow no longer gets drawn
    • Overpressure cooldown on the AC now works
    • Slowfield screen effect now works
    • Killbeeps now play (can turn this off with cl_spec_killbeep 0)
    • hud_deathnotice_selfonly and hud_deathnotice_highlightself now work (they treat "self" as the player you're spectating)
    • Various other material proxies now work (ProxyTeam, ProxyClass)
  • REALLY fixed the cl_spawnweapon_ cvars
  • Fixed a loophole in the class/team-switch respawn delay
  • Fixed "disguise last" so it can be used through the console/in configs
  • Fixed being able to pick up a flag while disguising without losing your disguise
  • Fixed func_button's not firing their outputs when damaged if they didn't have an ondamage function defined in Lua

Class-specific Changes

  • No class changes

Lua changes

  • Added shutdown() Lua callback when the level shuts down to compliment startup() (actually added in 2.45, but forgot to put it in the changelog)
  • Added support for capture points having different team scores and fortress points awarded (use the variables teampoints and fortpoints in the object's table)
  • Exposed all useful Vector and QAngle functions to Lua that weren't previously exposed:
    • All operators (multiplying/dividing by a float, vector to vector math/equality operators)
    • Global functions: AngleVectors and VectorAngles (to convert back and forth)
    • Vector member functions: Cross, Random, Min, Max
    • QAngle member functions: Random