Patch 2.6.0

Released June 5, 2016


  • Scout
    • Added new weapon: Jumpgun
      • When fully charged it can be fired to produce an upwards thrust like a mid-air powerful jump
      • Whilst the weapon is out, it'll charge up; switching weapons loses charge
      • We don't have a weapons modeller at the moment, so it's using the railgun model for now. If you'd like to model us a new gun, please get in touch!
  • Engineer
    • Dispenser
      • Wrenching a dispenser now recharges 5 cells per whack; you can no longer insert your own ammo with your wrench
      • Dispensers are now cheaper, down from 100 cells to 30 cells
      • Dispensers have less maximum capacity, down from: 400 to 100 cells; 500 to 100 nails; 400 to 100 shells, 250 to 50 rockets, 500 to 100 armor. NOTE: It's explosion size is based on what percentage full it is, not the total ammo number. This means the explosion size has not changed, but it reaches full detonation size quicker.
      • Dispenser health reduced from 150 to 75
      • Dispensers no longer eat backpacks when they are full


  • Ragdolls are no longer affected by concussion grenades
  • Ragdolls are pushed less by explosions
  • Ragdolls last for 5 seconds, down from 15
  • Gibs are now more frequent from deaths with explosions (>30 dmg overkill rather than >50)
  • Dropped player weapons are now tied to cl_gib_lifetime
  • Railgun now glows more dramatically when it's fully charged


  • Fixed various HUD positioning on non-standard resolutions
  • Fixed cl_spawnweapon_scout and cl_spawnweapon_spy