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Ihmhi 04-30-2008 12:37 PM

Server Crashing Bugs V. 2.0
If you are aware of a bug that crashes a server (even if it's not 100% guaranteed), do not post it anywhere on the forums. Again:

If you know of a bug that crashes a server, do not post it on the forums.

PM a forum moderator. Yes, you could (in theory) PM a dev. The devs are busy with a ton of shit related to the game and their own personal lives. A dev is not going to be reading his forum PMs if he's on his honeymoon or studying for finals. (Well, at least, they shouldn't be...)

The forum moderators, on the other hand, are here nearly every day for the most part. If you do find a bug, send a PM with details, links to files, etc. to a couple forum moderators. Don't take chances with this stuff - send it to more than one forum moderator. We'll handle it.

Anyone posting about any sort of bug that can crash a server will earn themselves a short vacation (READ: ban) from the forums as well as the ire of the mods, including myself.

This sort of stuff needs to be kept as quiet as possible so we can fix it before some dumbass gets the idea to run around and fuck up the game for everyone else. The last thing we need is some douche going around and crashing the few full servers we have during peak hours.

One more time.

If you know of a bug that can crash a server, PM a few moderators with details. PM more than one moderator. Do not post it on the forums or you will be banned.

Thank you.

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