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KubeDawg 01-02-2008 02:27 AM

[RELEASE] Quake RPG Model - by Jester

pF 01-02-2008 04:16 AM

Wouldn't it look weird though, out of alignment with the "muzzle" flash and the rocket streak (moving from top right to center of screen)? How did it work in TFC?

Jester 01-02-2008 05:02 AM

There is a "bone" you assign to muzzle flash. You can't change where the rocket comes out of though.

פֿяαιп βαмαgεפ 01-02-2008 09:04 AM

Alter the model to fit the rocket bone?

Desyphur 01-02-2008 06:10 PM

Uh, jester, that's what he said to do <.<;

SoBe Green 01-06-2008 08:05 AM

It'll be rough looking I'm sure. Keep in mind whoever does this it would be nice to have one that is left handed, right handed, and the classic "centered" look. I'm talking first person of course.

KubeDawg 03-11-2008 07:33 PM

Anyone interested in making this model?

GeoKill-----> 03-12-2008 12:15 AM

PM Dr.Zero,

Jester 06-07-2008 10:43 PM

GeoKill-----> 06-08-2008 04:05 AM

Holy fucking shit.... released it so I could make my own custom skin on it

Jester 06-08-2008 04:12 AM


GeoKill-----> 06-08-2008 04:15 AM

back in TFC I had that model and I had my name on the side of it

Jester 06-08-2008 04:16 AM

You said you released it?

Pixel 06-08-2008 04:19 AM

no he's telling you to release it.

Jester 06-08-2008 04:22 AM

There you go:

GeoKill-----> 06-08-2008 04:25 AM


Jester 06-08-2008 04:46 AM
Authentic sounds if you want.

KubeDawg 06-08-2008 04:50 AM


*pees pants*

KubeDawg 06-08-2008 04:56 AM

holy mother of god. Ok, jester, have my babies.

Quick thing, the path for those files is incorrect, you need to install em one level further in the rpg folder.

Thank you for making this.

Jester 06-08-2008 05:01 AM

Which files path? Also note that I took that screenshot with low texture settings and no specular so it will look better on your machines.

EDIT: Oh crap you are right, everyone make sure that you put each of those downloads into the "rpg" folder in the weapons folder, sorry.

Also I did not include some of the other sounds like the rocket exploding from old quake, if you want that just ask. Also can make this model transparent for anyone using those type of models.

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