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[TALOS]Smoke 03-07-2018 08:34 PM

So after a 2 year hiatus, I finally broke down and got a new computer. So to cut to the chase, is it worth me getting back into FF? It's been a long time and the mapping bug is still there, but I don't want to get back into this if it's just going to turn out to be a waste of time.

Ash_Marks 03-08-2018 06:05 AM

Game's dead, no pickup for a month.

Bully 03-08-2018 12:47 PM

And, we all live here now - Discord :

Iggy 03-08-2018 06:38 PM

I just got my computer back up to 4gb of memory, so I may be able to play again without issue... but I honestly haven't tried yet. I'm not into the "pickup" scene.... but if I see a Pub active, I'll join.

rdrt 03-14-2018 02:52 AM

Glad to see you around Smoke, but no, it would be completely and unequivocally a waste of time.

[TALOS]Smoke 03-26-2018 01:50 PM

Well that's a shame...

FooLio 06-14-2018 03:06 PM

Pickups are back on discord

pbleeker79 06-23-2018 12:58 PM


Originally Posted by [TALOS]Smoke (Post 511992)
Well that's a shame...

It sure is :-(

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