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issueid=148 04-14-2009 02:38 AM
Shutdown2 spawn camping problem
Players can walk into enemy spawn

This may have been already said before, and many have problem already realised this, but I'm putting it here just so.

In ff_shutdown2 (and probably many other maps, but shutdown2 is where it is the worst) you can actually walk right into the enemy spawn and camp there if an enemy opens the door.

Not to mention, that you can put sentry guns and dispensers up on the second floor, allowing for griefers to put them where teammates spawn, causing them to get blocked.
Issue Details
Project Fortress Forever
Category Mapping
Status Fixed
Priority 5 - Medium
Affected Version 2.3
Fixed Version 2.4
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04-14-2009 04:03 AM
All sd2 needs is spawn turrets!
04-14-2009 09:32 AM
for 2.4 sd2 already has enemy player kill triggers across the resupply doors and noannoyances (no grens/building/etc) covering the entire resupply. remember using spawn turrets where the spawn door can see a busy gameplay area can often cause _major_ exploit issues if discovered or just not cover the whole spawn properly if you're going to avoid that. there have been a few other fixes/tweaks to sd2 for 2.4 too... feels like i did it ages ago now, but 2.4 seems to be dragging a little :(

btw lately i've been going through all our CTF maps trying to finish/polish/tweak them. for 2.4 i think it's only sd2 and monkey that have had spawn changes, but if there are any issues on other CTF maps (or sd2/monkey after 2.4 is released) then pls raise them individually and i'll put them on the todo list if we can find a satisfactorary solution. ff_2fort and ff_well are the 2 maps left i'm scared of tackling lol, and ff_crossover i'm trying to work up the motivation cos i think it needs some major changes but could be v good if done right.

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