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issueid=186 07-04-2009 09:55 PM
Location text shadow
Give location text a shadow

It would be nice if the location text (bottom left corner of screen) had a shadow so it could be read easier. Whenever you go in a bright part of the map it is hard to read the location.

An easy fix would be to show the same text in black under the location text but offset it by -1 x 1 pixels.
Issue Details
Issue Type Feature
Project Fortress Forever
Category Visuals
Status Implemented
Priority 4
Suggested Version 2.3
Implemented Version 2.4
Votes for this feature 4
Votes against this feature 0
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07-04-2009 10:27 PM
I like this idea...and it would be super easy to code in
07-04-2009 10:36 PM
Stuff Do-er
Added in 2.4.

(it's even easier than you think, Source has built-in options for dropshadow text)
07-05-2009 12:56 AM
Awesome :D

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