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issueid=232 10-24-2009 11:23 PM
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Medic disease can be spread, but add limits or conditions.

Medic disease ought be implemented back into the game, but its effectiveness and/or duration decreases based on any or a combination of the following conditions:

In all these cases, it's implied that disease does eventually wear off even without treatment.

1. Immunization and Immunity- When someone is infected, the moment a Medic teammate heals the player, he or she is immune to that enemy medic's disease until either that medic dies, or the immunized player does. A player that has outlasted the disease will be unable to inherit that 'form' after, but they will still be damaged by the medkit once per 'tag'.

2. Effectiveness- The disease is most effective to the player that directly gets infected, but anyone else that is near the player will get hurt a small bit, and only when they are within a direct proximity of the main host. If it's deemed balanced, perhaps anyone near that player will get infected, but for half the time and half the damage that the main host is suffering. Each next inheriting person will get half of that, then the next one half of that, etc.

3. Ammo- The medic can infect enemies, but they can only cause so many of them to receive the communicable form of the disease. Perhaps the first three will get the form that can spread, but any other after that will stick to just one player until they go to a certain ammo bag type (perhaps the grenade bags). If they repeatedly infect one person, then they will just be wasting that ammo.

4. Damage Compensation- This is more of a buff, but it compensates for the temporary infection disadvantage. The less HP the infected player has, the more damage they receive from the disease. There will be a max damage to it, needless to say.
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