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issueid=282 04-10-2010 06:05 PM
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Single Shotgun Cock Sound
The single shotgun uses the super shotgun's cock sound, rather than it's own sound.

In the shotgun's sound folder there is a file named shotgun_cock.wav, but this file is not used. When the shotgun is cocked in FF, it uses the cock sound of the super shotgun. I found that in the .qc file for the single shotgun, it says to use the super shotgun cock sound. Even though there is a single shotgun cock sound in the appropriate sound folder!
There are three lines in particular. I am working on just changing these lines to fix the problem.

  { event AE_CL_PLAYSOUND 19 "SuperShotgun.cock" }
  { event AE_CL_PLAYSOUND 3 "SuperShotgun.cock" }
  { event AE_CL_PLAYSOUND 15 "SuperShotgun.cock" }
(NOTE: I do not know if this was intentional, but if it is then we should remove the shotgun_cock.wav from future releases!)
Issue Details
Project Fortress Forever
Category Sound
Status Fixed
Priority 9
Affected Version 2.4
Fixed Version (none)
Users able to reproduce bug 1
Users unable to reproduce bug 0
Assigned Users Elmo
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04-10-2010 06:25 PM
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EDIT AGAIN: I can't seem to get it to work... when I change the lines to say shotgun.cock instead of SuperShotgun.cock, I end up with no viewmodel and the cock sound is the one from HL2.
04-10-2010 06:50 PM
lol cock
04-10-2010 07:03 PM
Title title title title
Anyone know what the default origins for the models are, speaking of models?
04-12-2010 03:26 AM
AKA LittleAndroidMan
haha you said cock
04-22-2010 10:37 AM
That pie is NOT one of us!
rly ppl, is everyone going to act imature about this, this is a REAL PROBLEM! help the guy out!
04-23-2010 05:16 PM
merv would be the best for this I think...but I could be wrong. Send him a pm if he doesn't reply soonish.
04-25-2010 10:23 AM
A Very Sound Guy!
shotgun.cock is indeed the correct sound name, and points to weapons/shotgun/shotgun_cock.wav. i haven't a clue how or why valve compile sound cues into models.
02-28-2012 10:26 PM
Gets tickled by FF
Seems this was fixed

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