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issueid=318 11-01-2010 01:49 AM
hwguy firing mechanic
changes to hwguy firing modes

I've proposed this in the past, but maybe not through the official tracker here, I can't remember. The idea here is to have 2 modes for hwguy:

Primary fire:

More accurate firing spread, similar to 2.1's dispersal, maybe a LITTLE less accurate than that.

Secondary fire:

An all out "spray" mode, similar to 2.0's when the fire button had been held down for a few seconds.

The idea here is it would add a little more dimension and skill to the class, increasing his lethality if in the hands of the right player. As flawed as he was, the hwguy's stopping power for point-blank range was unparalleled 2.0. If you could get in someone's face while your gun was charged up, you would destroy them. Alternately the additional range of 2.1 was a very welcome change at the time, even if it may have been a little TOO accurate (I recall getting many across-the-map kills in waterpolo in 2.1.

Right now the dual cone system feels inadequate. It doesn't do as good a job up close or at a distance as previous versions. To put it more simply:

1.0 = great all-round damage
2.0 = best at close range damage
2.1 = best at long range attacks
2.2-2.4 = best at nothing

I don't know if this is related to damage values or not, but the system would allow for some skill to factor into the class more.
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02-23-2012 04:40 PM
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