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Frequent Crashes when Viewing Demos Issue Tools
issueid=375 02-29-2012 03:06 PM
Frequent Crashes when Viewing Demos

Not sure if its just on my end or what not, but when I go to watch a demo I can rarely even get through 5 minutes of it without the game crashing. It happens more often if you do anything with the menu. ie: Switch camera modes, players, fast forward, etc.
Issue Details
Project Fortress Forever
Category General Game
Status Confirmed
Priority 10 - Lowest
Affected Version 2.41
Fixed Version (none)
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02-29-2012 10:12 PM
Stuff Do-er
Go to Steam\steamapps\<username>\source sdk base and upload your most recent crash .mdmps. (will be named something like hl2_4044_crash_2012_2_18T3_12_3C0.mdmp)
03-02-2012 01:13 AM
03-02-2012 02:10 AM
Stuff Do-er
Appreciate it. Hopefully they'll be useful.
03-02-2012 11:31 AM
No problem
03-03-2012 05:37 AM
I'm thinking this is an stv only bug, but i'm not sure. Skipping ticks to many times on STV or POV will always crash my game, but I think that's a source think.

But I have experienced what trailer mentions. When changing the camera or using the stv hud. Although, it only happens to me once in a rare while.
03-03-2012 11:33 PM
Stuff Do-er
Alright, they are all crashing in the same spot (related to checking if the scoreboard is visible whenever the mouse is clicked), and it's a crash that the early devs were aware of but couldn't seem to fix. Here's the comment right above the crash point:

// all these NULL checks,
// because it's like ~CClientScoreBoardDialog can happen in the middle of this function happening,
// or something weird like that...IT'S FUCKING CRAZY, SERIOUSLY, THIS CRASH WON'T GO AWAY
// For real though, sometimes g_pScoreboard is NULL, but it still won't return right here...SEE IT'S FUCKING CRAZY, SERIOUSLY
I'll try to figure it out, but I can't promise anything. Not even sure how to test it, either.

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