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Indicator for class select screen that shows class limits Issue Tools
issueid=399 06-29-2012 04:32 AM
Nade Whore
Indicator for class select screen that shows class limits

How about there be some sort of indicator that shows players how many of any particular class is available to be selected?

Servers that have customized their class limits overall, plus every map that has its own LUA to limit classes in a certain way, is bound to confuse new players who don't understand why one class is disabled or limited.

I've already had numerous questions on my server regarding this issue and I think it'd be a cool feature to have.

Just something next to the class type button would suffice or maybe if you hover over the class, a pop up message box appears showing the limit of the class.

Take the maps r123 and dm_squeek for example. r123 has a lua that disables snipers and pyros, and limits engineers to 1 per team. dm_squeek, on the other hand, has all classes disabled except for Spy, Engi, Pyro, Demo and Soldier. These are two completely different setups and to someone new to the game, probably confusing.
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06-29-2012 06:39 AM
Stuff Do-er
Good idea.

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