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First Person Visual Effects for Movement Issue Tools
issueid=443 11-01-2014 04:45 PM
First Person Visual Effects for Movement
I would like to see the movement of FF further enhanced visually.

So one of FF's strongest gameplay values is its movement. The fast paced bhopping conc'ing elements.

However I think there should be a moving/swaying/impacted effect that reflects your players various movements across the map even into the air ;). It would be an excellent visual gameplay tweak if it looked like your body was really taking impact when running / moving.

This could be achieved by having the gun/arm model sway back and forth and be impacted during movement. In 2.46 the model moves when you hold still lol, but not when moving! :)

It should not affect aim. Crosshair doesn't move unless mouse moves. I just think it should show a swaying effect or something so it doesn't seem as if you are just sliding in first person when you press forward.

It could be adjusted speed wise for every class, HW's sways are slow where scouts are fast and rapid. The icing on the cake would be making the sways of the arm / gun model reflect and match the footsteps and movement... That would be amazing.
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