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CTF jobs. (no not like RPG jobs) Issue Tools
issueid=93 01-24-2009 04:15 AM
CTF jobs. (no not like RPG jobs)
an idea of visually showing who is attacking and who is defending.

Im not sure how best to explain my idea, but to put it in the easiest terms... have two hud icons, and if not hud icons, some kind of text indicator around where the hud_speedometer would be. maybe even on the left hand side, well where ever it would go, after team and class selection, have another screen that is like a job selection, represented with two insignias, like you had when you picked what team you want. then whichever you choose, it adds count to the hud icon.

whilst my idea may not be understood immediately, i ask to think about it a bit deeper, and think of its implications it might have. it could be disabled or enabled in lua whether it comes up or not. id just put it in the CTF or CP lua of anything.

the obvious response would be that it is irrelavant, and this may be true in league play, but for pub play, it is a way to communicate to not only the team, but will give the visual representation of how the team is balanced. kind of like when you hit tab and see there are no engineers, so you go engi. i whipped up two icons, to better give an example of my idea.

notice the Attackers / defenders hud info at the bottom left. hey its just an idea, at least im trying to help.
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01-27-2009 12:41 AM
Stuff Do-er
Great idea. We have quite a few HUD improvements planned. Might as well add this one to the list.
01-27-2009 02:41 AM
:big smile:

im happy to help :)
01-27-2009 04:16 PM
I like it, but it would really be interesting if u could take it a step further, not to much, but say if u choose defense you spawn with something that would be benifical for a defensive player (more armour etc) and same with offensive, this way it actually matters. of course it would be a small thing, nothing over the top. and it would require some balancing issues to make sure defensive people wouldn't want to go offensive with thier benifit.

but great start, and i like it.
01-27-2009 05:21 PM
wow dude, thats a hell of an idea. i give you props. but how about you make it, if you select offense or defense, the objective icon changes also? like if your defense, your flag is the objective icon, and instead of it being arrows pointing to it, its like a shield? but only when its dropped, when its picked up it shouldnt show for stragitic reasons.

this might be tf2ish but maybe even have a class discription screen like ghostbuster said last year, and reorder the class list into two columns, offense and defense? this idea isnt too good i just wanted to put it out there

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