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Custom achievement/milestone creator Issue Tools
issueid=271 03-06-2010 07:14 PM
Slayer of humans
Custom achievement/milestone creator
Player designed custom achievements/milestones

Player designed custom achievements/milestones. Basically have the devs set up a little page where people could select specific things like jump, double jump, death, kill, weapon. stuff like that.

Then they could select kill then select a number (say between 1 and 100) then select a class (say scout) select within then select another number (between 1 and 100) then select seconds or minutes

There would need to be lots of variables.

I know there would still be some limits but it would be interesting if we could do that along with having official ones that everyone gets tracked.

Because we wouldn't have our own database with everything we've ever done in the game, the achievements/milestones would only start at the point we create them.

It would also be interesting if there was some way we could easily share custom created achievements/milestones with others. Like a copy and paste code that we could just put into something in steam or fortress forever.
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03-06-2010 07:26 PM
Gets tickled by FF
just felt like linking the idea to where it spawned:

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