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issueid=314 10-03-2010 10:03 PM
Burning bodies
When you die from fire, your corpse does not light on fire.

The corpses in Fortress Forever do not burn even when the player dies of fire, it is almost annoying when I kill an enemy with a flamethrower and they don't burn. Let's say there is a defense of 2 blue soldiers at a chokepoint, a red pyro comes and engulfs the area in flames, it would look much better if fire was actually left behind at the end of the scene. I have made my point, it would be great if on the next update, this would be changed.

Thanks for reading,
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Issue Type Feature
Project Fortress Forever
Category Visuals
Status Rejected
Priority 3
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10-03-2010 10:23 PM
That would be certainly cool.
10-04-2010 07:18 PM
FF Player
Burning ragdolls existed before version 2.4. I posted it as a bug report at the following URL:
10-13-2010 04:26 PM
Really? It used to exist but stopped? I had no idea, I used to play this and recently got it again but I do not remember the corpses ever burning.
10-13-2010 09:22 PM
FF Player
Yes, version 2.4 introduction varying levels of flames on players, so level one burns are just tiny flames and level three is an inferno, etc. Before this, there was one type of flames visible on players regardless of burn level. Also, the bodies would continue to burn after dying for about 10 seconds or so. It was very funny to see a cartwheeling, flaming corpse, lol. The varying flame levels inadvertently removed the flaming ragdolls tho.
10-15-2010 08:33 AM
Stuff Do-er
Yeah, flames not staying on ragdolls anymore is a bug. Hopefully we can get it fixed soon.
02-23-2012 11:58 AM
Gets tickled by FF
Rejected cause its a bug and we already have an issue. Will get sorted.

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