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issueid=274 03-07-2010 07:49 PM
New Grenade Mechanics

The game currently rewards players who use their grenades properly, but 'leaves the door open' to letting in spawn spammers and people who dump their entire grenades onto sentry guns and at enemies. These players usually get rewarded high amounts of damage or a handful of frags for little effort. So, my suggestion is to keep rewarding people who use grenades properly, while punishing those who spam them.

My ideal grenade system would have the potential damage of grenades raising as the priming bar reaches the right side of the screen. The damage grows as you hold down the prime button or allow the prime to go through. From left to right the percentage goes from 0% to 100%. Once you let go of the grenade or toss it, the grenade's damage would be set at the percentage of its maximum damage and fly out from your screen.

If you throw the frag grenade half way through the prime, it would deal 70 some points of damage. However, throwing the frag grenade right after priming it would see you at 0-15 some damage. This system would reward people who use grenades wisely, properly, and separate from one another instead of spam, spam, spam, receive kills, no drawback.

If that doesn't sound ideal, then how about using that same system but with throw distance? The more you prime your grenade, the further you throw it. In order to chuck grenades across a clearing, you have to time them. You have to use them separately. The only way to chain kills with a clusterfuck of grenades is if you're practically standing where you want them to go. This means taking a huge risk.

I prefer the first system, but some might like the second. Some might not like either. What do you think?

You might want to consider some compensation, though. Perhaps the damage can go from 0-100% off 75% of the bar. Once the grenade hits the seventy-five percentage mark, the bar could begin rapidly blinking while colored red to indicate maximum damage and the upcoming explosion. The remaining 25% of the bar could act as a 'grace period' for throwing the grenade. 'unno.
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03-07-2010 11:09 PM
Spamming is part of the game. That is all.
03-07-2010 11:57 PM
doesn't this assume that the only proper way to use grenades is to toss them late? there are lots of non-spam situations where a player could drop a granade early im not really sure why they should be punished. if you really wanted to do this remove the whole 'hold down granade' thing and just have that 25% grace period be your granade timer. by that standard would that not make every granade toss a skilled one? do you see where your idea doesn't make sense?

how exactly would your second system work? if you wanted to toss your grenade far you would have to hold down your prime longer. but then when you toss it the grenade would blow up in mid air half way to the target because the prime was so long. long distance granade toss's would be rendered usless in both ideas.
03-08-2010 12:22 AM
Fine as is.

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