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Change how conc explosions look Issue Tools
issueid=233 10-29-2009 10:20 PM
Nade Whore
Change how conc explosions look
Custom textures

In TFC, you could change the way your concs looked when they exploded. Custom sprites were available and I could make the conc go off with some cool blue lightning effect.


I'd like to be able to make custom textures for my concs like these, except obviously in a sphere, not a cylinder shape.
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Project Fortress Forever
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Priority 5 - Medium
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10-30-2009 09:32 PM
Well the conc blast in a custom 3d animation I think :S. You just need to make another model and replace it? Tbh I dunno but i'm pretty sure this is possible.
10-30-2009 09:58 PM
Nade Whore
Well the 3d animation im not too worried about, I'd just like to be able to get that same spherical shape that expands then contracts, but allowing me to apply a custom texture to it. I was able to apply a texture to it, but when the conc goes off, it's automatically 100% expanded and never contracts. It just stays that way till the conc animation is over.
10-31-2009 08:58 PM
Keep On Keepin' On
You could probably get someone to do a workaround. The model is always the same, the animation is in the .vmt added effect. Maybe do an animated vtf / vmt and make it look like it comes in and out.
11-03-2009 12:26 AM
Ambassador of Everything.
I prefer the current conc effect, it can mess the aim of a sniper up. More uses for that already useful conc.
11-08-2009 07:47 PM
then maybe a way to change the color of the conc effect?

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