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issueid=161 04-24-2009 04:07 PM
Community wants to do translations, needs dev support

We've had some people offer to translate FF into Russian, Polish, German, Spanish, etc. But they can't do it without some help from us.

1. Make sure all important in-game text is in fortressforever_english.txt and not hard-coded in dlls, luas, etc.
2. Work with these people to get that file translated. Maybe make them beta testers So they
3. Get fonts that support Unicode/edit the fonts we currently have
4. Make sure the code supprts Unicode. If I put a single non-ASCII (Cyrillic) character in to fortressforever_english.txt, All the hints show up blank. this suggests to me that the hint code doesn't support Unicode. Can any coder verify this? Could this be fixed in the Orange box code?
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04-25-2009 02:09 AM
Born to Frag.
I believe the Orange Box version of the engine supports more characters. At least I have reason to believe so as when you begin typing, a box comes up that has the chat history with a scrollbar.

When this box is up, you also type your message into a field - complete with a blinking | indicator. As weird as it sounds, in such cases you usually can use characters such as those found on the character map, whilst chat fields (such as those on the Goldsrc engine) where there's no indicator of field often is limited to standard characters. :P

I know it sounds weird, but I swear on it.

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