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issueid=185 07-04-2009 05:23 PM
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HUD Color Bug
When using team-colored HUD, the HUD turns white if you alt-tab, or have a lag spike, but does not always occur.

When I alt-tab my game, a lot of the time when I bring my game back up, my HUD will be white. This also happens sometimes if I get a lag spike, caused by my wifi connection. The HUD remains white until I respawn, whether I am killed, suicide, or just change classes.
It turns white so that the text (health, armor, ammo, etc) is a bright white color and is not readable.
Issue Details
Project Fortress Forever
Category Visuals
Status Fixed
Priority 8
Affected Version 2.3
Fixed Version 2.4
Users able to reproduce bug 2
Users unable to reproduce bug 0
Assigned Users (none)
Tags (none)

07-04-2009 05:52 PM
I think this is a problem with the source engine, not FF.
07-04-2009 07:36 PM
Stuff Do-er
Fixed in 2.4 (and teamcoloured hud will be defaulted to on).

Here's a picture of it (the gaps shown have been fixed as well, and those are new flag textures):
07-04-2009 08:01 PM
Those flags look like win.

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