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I am not dead.............

As the yellow light caresses my brow in the beginning of winter I understand what it truly meant to be enlightened. Some may say it is the Dali Llama who fully understands this concept or possibly a redneck with a conceal carry who carries loaded judgment with him is enlightened. I tend to agree on behalf of the redneck since the same tools are used to enlighten our enemies as to control protestors and sheeple. You can become enlightened in theory alone but in order to push your newly found enlightenment onto others you will need a tool to guide them in the right direction. Now we enter in the land of Ferguson, MO. What a publically charged movement I have been a part of representing the yellow brotherhood in favor of the police. I have been asked what would have happened if a white young male would have been in this same situation and I explained that if you are dumb enough to fight someone who has a gun without a gun you will surely die. A gun versus a fist in most scenarios ends with a gun trumping all situations. It is a tool used every day for good and evil and not matter the intention your never willingly fight someone who has one without one. Only a fool puts himself in that scenario and if that is the choice you made does that mean that all fools have to die. The answer of course is “no” but if you made a foolish decision and die due to it shall we burn down a city because of a fool? You have no right to hit a police officer and within any given situation you will lose in that current situation. It is much better to hold thy tongue and take the beating if that is the case then to fight back to get beat more or die.
Fighting anyone with a tool used to control masses is never a good idea and I myself always carry a tool as well to legally even the playing field. If the Yellow judgment has to be dispatched then it is within my duty to make sure I am in the clear to do so. If you pull a gun on a burglar and shot and kill him you judged him when pulling the trigger whether it is self-defense or not. We all have choices to make and the wrong ones can end up getting you killed. So make the right decision today and do not get killed by it.
If you come across a great Yellow entity offering a yellow pill, take it. Its sunshine will grow in you stomach like a bowl of Sea Monkeys - The Great Yellow Book Page 8765 Ch. 194 -Section 3
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