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Why so long...........

Ages it has been my brethren. I awoke from a nap today with a tiny sparkle that turned into an idea all grown up. Someone was knocking at the door and I could not find the source but I knew in my was the sun. Oh the beautiful sun!!!!!

the sun was telling me to come back to the yellow brotherhood to post again but god nor the sun needed to do so since I am yellow forever. Nothing will stop me or my brothers from fulfilling our prophecy and our destiny. I shall not forget the enemies whose memories lay without these pages of posts whose arrows still point to our hearts. We will not forget the attacks we braved against and still we march upon the crust of this earth until the end of times.

The sun giveth and the sun taketh away and it is our heavenly duty to watch and gaze upon its brightness forever. I come upon you with open arms to the friends who follow the yellow color.

For our enemies.........I will wield the yellow sword whose god damn glory shines into the heart of man and destroys the wickedness of all colors against us. I not only speak of war but that of the light that shines upon our brow.

Do not count us out and do not test our resolve for the sword of light will come.
If you come across a great Yellow entity offering a yellow pill, take it. Its sunshine will grow in you stomach like a bowl of Sea Monkeys - The Great Yellow Book Page 8765 Ch. 194 -Section 3
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