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Yellow Fountain of Gold

Yes. My dear yellow brother I will get you another copy of the great yellow book. Although the pages have never left you for they have etched their glory into the tissue of your very heart.

Innoc......It has been too long. I still frequent the page and the forums and only post when divine intervention pulls at my soul to do so. There is so much good work within this thread and it has helped so many people see the light. Without it we may have had millions of people who would not have come before the Sun and praised it within all of its mighty. It is my job to continue the strength within the yellow bloodline and to continue to open the light to all.

As so it was written. A man with the heart of the sun who bleeds Yellow comes upon the nations to help save all of mankind from the other colors. It is with his brethren and their strength as they beat as a drum in single unity that they will relinquish their enemies to dust. Upon the Yellow sword people will fall...
If you come across a great Yellow entity offering a yellow pill, take it. Its sunshine will grow in you stomach like a bowl of Sea Monkeys - The Great Yellow Book Page 8765 Ch. 194 -Section 3
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