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Originally Posted by Lynus View Post
people dont change oats, habits do.

i used to smoke cigarettes - i haven't smoked in 6 years
i used to play pc games more than i worked - i now barely touch video games
i used to have a girlfriend that i settled on - i'm now with the woman of my dreams
i used to have a $12/hr job - i now make more than double that, work with top aerospace, medical and research companies throughout the world and am getting a free education to become a design engineer
i used to be 120lbs - i'm now 160lbs and shredded
i used to be a loner - i now have a social life i'm pleased with
i used to not give a fuck - i still don't and i still i love my haters

maybe you'll learn one day, but i doubt it
Actually that's quite wrong. Studies have shown that people change their personality at least once every decade. But that becomes less as they get into their twilight years. Also, habits are based upon someones personality. When that changes so does their habits.

I'll use you as an example. If you do a simple search on your posts. You can see how helpful, cordial, and nice you were when you first joined the forums. As you go through the years of posts you gradually turn into this immature asshole. Whether that's who you were all along or not doesn't matter. You changed. From that you've (on paper) grown up but you're still quite passive aggressive. You still typed out all of your "achievements" for what? Your own personal merit? You're no better than oats was then and is now. Also, I'm going to guess you're not being entirely truthful about this free education for a design engineering degree. You said you cooked for five years? There are only 10 colleges in the United States that offer any sort of "design" engineering courses. Which might I add are branched off into several categories. You can't just take a course that's "design engineer".

All in all chef, you're an asshole. You're not just a regular asshole, you're a lying asshole who hasn't changed one bit. So maybe you're right. People don't change.
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