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Originally Posted by klipe View Post
Hello --


I left the scene around 2k7 so I guess that's why I never heard of this. When I came back I pretty much assumed original style Fortress was dead.

Is this the only remaining version of TF that uses offhand grens/concs etc?

How has FF been allowed to use all the original names where the others had to switch to "grenadier" or "recon" etc?

Did anyone here also play Q3F or ETF or is anyone still around that played QWTF?
regarding the naming, that is a good question. I don't know if there was any sway in the others avoiding using them or if it was preemptive.

Personally I started with TFC but didnt really learn it, played quake duel heavily for many years, then discovered ETF and eventually ended up finding FF.

For last 'remaining' TF, does TFC count? it has more players than FF these days, heck even a few of the neo/mega TF servers probably do too if you can stand that stuff
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