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i doubt anyone is interested, but this is mine..its jsut set up for the 4 main def classes, with announce to teamates in red and sloted for default class weapons(i think).
alias spy1 "disguise enemy soldier; speak vox/female/soldier; slot4; say_team ^2Disguised as enemy soldier; alias spyrotate spy2"
alias spy2 "disguise enemy Demoman; speak vox/female/demoman; slot4; say_team ^2Disguised as enemy demo; alias spyrotate spy3"
alias spy3 "disguise enemy Hwguy; speak vox/female/heavyweapons; slot4; say_team ^2Disguised as enemy HW; alias spyrotate spy4"
alias spy4 "disguise enemy Engineer; speak vox/female/engineer; slot3; say_team ^2Disguised as enemy Engineer; alias spyrotate spy1"

alias spyrotate "spy1"

Bind mwheeldown "spyrotate"
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