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Oh my.........

I see that the usuall infidels Mervaka, Dancing, Frenchyand Silver_Fox are posting again . Lions and Tiger ands Bears oh my. I could give a bowl of entrail stew to what you four pompous asses have to say to me or to discuss in my thread. Circ has posted a red thread and as you can see I AM YELLOW and I will not post in it to take away the meaning he intended it for. I see that he is recruiting as well for the red team.

You can call me whatever you like if it makes you smile but remember this......The Yellow Brotherhood will be the only ones smiling when we finally get the chance to pwn all of you. Winning will be sooooo sweet as a freshly baked candy cane with its warmth on your tounge. You will not be able to touch us and I GAURANTEE IT in my Yellow blood. The time for everyone to see you losers fail in the game is coming soon and it will sweep you off of your feet like a tornado, dump you in the empty field and leave you for not.

Zydell had the perfect executed response. You bring nothing to the brotherhood but the unforseen hunger that you feed us to totally obliverate you. I CAN TASTE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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