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Originally Posted by 9u-9u-9u View Post
I want a key to throw two or three medpacks

this has been requested before and i've tried the suggestions. does anyone know why they don't work and how to make a bind that does

using this bind prevents me from respawning
bind kp_leftarrow "+attack2; wait; wait; +attack2; wait; wait; +attack2; wait; wait; wait; -attack"

using this bind does nothing
bind kp_leftarrow "+attack2; -attack2; wait; +attack2; -attack2; wait;"
For stuff like this you pretty much just need to find the right amount of waits. This will throw two pretty much simultaneously:

"+attack2; wait;wait;wait;wait;wait; -attack2; wait;wait;wait;wait;wait; +attack2; wait;wait;wait;wait;wait; -attack2;"
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