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I've been thinking about this for a while now and i would like to make this for Fortress-Forever.

Oasis is the map from Enemy-Territory (the freeware fps online game running RTCW engine).

These are the objectives in ET:
1. Capture the Old city
( Repair the water pump )
2. Bomb the Old city wall
( Repair the water pump )
3. Destroy the two anti-tank guns in the Oasis Garrison

Prevent Allies to advance.

This map for Fortress-Forever would have the Push style gameplay just like its original in ET.
Blue attack while Red defend.

Blue objectives:
1. Take flag to the Old City
2. Take the flag to the Garrison

Red objectives:
1. Stop the Blue!

If anyone has any suggestions that could improve the map please post it here, for example more objectives for the Blue.

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