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Started playing in January 2000 when I got a net connection. I joined a clan called BHF on the MORAT servers before leaving with a few members to form 12Monkeys [-12M-]. I co-led that with Spanky, Ciggz and Aristagon and we had such a god laugh. I like to pride myself on 12M being a clan who tried to have fun while doing well, I don't think we were ever lame. We joined the MORAT ladder, GTFCL, UKTFCL and BWTFCL. Eventually we won the UKTFCL division1 and came 2nd in BWTFCL division1 and got promoted to the UKTFCL prem and played in the ETFCL for a few games. We had to fold shortly after as we began struggling to get the numbers for a match. I became an admin of the UKTFCL during this time with Storm as bias pielord head admin.
Storm and I also founded Team Scotland for the ECTFC at this point, though we never seemed to do well in the tournament. We had some good players but could never get our strongest team out.
After 12M folded, Storm persuaded me to try out for [DW]. I passed the trial and joined along with Skins and Eliaz, kind of surprised I got in as I was a backline sol for 12M and I moved to frontline to trial for DW. I was lucky to find it had much the same atmosphere as 12M. I really loved playing TFC at this point. We won the UKTFCL that season and were top of the Vitality ladder for ages, as well as progressing well in the ETFCL. Eventually [DW] went inactive after winning the UKTFCL as we were struggling for players. I left TFC at this point, coming back twice within the next 6 months to help out DW because they were seriously short of players. I didn't feel the game was the same anymore, the spam annoyed me so I quit for good and ended up being a power gamer on EQ :/ I quit that in November 2003 to focus on real life. I've not played any online games since then, and deliberately have no net connection in my flat - I don't have a computer set up either lol.
FF is really tempting me back, though I don't think I'd be putting in the same time as I once did.
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