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Hi I'm pud
My first clan in TFC (KoD) was pretty infamous back in the day.
I started playing around 2 or 3 months after it came out and I heard a guy playing video games in my dorm. He had the volume turned up quite loudly so I came to see what he was doing, because I was just getting introduced to onling gaming(Tribes). The game ended up being HL and I played on his computer alot b/w classes and downloaded TFC on it and taught him(FluffyHamster) to play and we learned together.

That was best part of TFC for me was learning the classes and their abilities and weapons. All the tricks and maps to learn and teach others new sg spots.

Then we joined KoD and had a great time in it.

other clans include Karnij and Final Vision.

Because of college is the main reason I wasnt active and played off and on then retired after CPL winter 02.

Cant wait for FF, I'm here to help in anyway possible
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