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I love you guys for reactivate the greatest game on PC as a FPS ever !!!

Either Q3F or Unreal Fortress are as good as TFC was for more then 5 years. TFC was the first online game i have ever played. At this in 1999 i used ISDN and didnīt knwo anything about letancy or ICQ. I spent every day more then
6 hours playing TFC. Learning concs ----> learning hand concs ---> learning rocket jump ----> learning bunny hopping ----> lerning defence on every map and position new. Every CW i played it was a highlight for me. My mates from school all played f****** CS. Not me. I hope you guys make FF as good as TFC was. The movement, the aim and the atmosphere.

Please make me happy and let the spirit of TFC never die. Hope the community will be good as in TFC.

P.S. i am from Germnay and i apologize for me bad english speaking

Hope see guys on FF servers soon !!!
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