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Half-Life 3 (probably just episode 3) story "leaked"

A post about it at techraptor.

Apparently former Valve dev/writer Marc Laidlaw made a blog post with a coded synopsis of Gordon Freeman's final Half-Life story:

Seems like it would have been a fun game with some trippy timeloop action, maybe the player finally seeing Gordon himself...probably still not talking, although it'd be interesting to have some kind of narration toward the end that turned out to be Gordon in a semi-twist to wrap things up. I dunno, haha. I like the description of stepping onto the ship at a calmer harmonized point along an interdimensional string portal thing. I get the feeling there were going to be Portal-like portals with "entry and exit" points then variations of that tech leading up to this "self-contained" thing and the "elastic band" mentioned with the harmonized stuff.

Also G-man = grey man, not government man. Suddenly so obvious. I guess if you go deep enough into grey men theories they're probably government men too. Or something, whatever hah.

Maybe people should band together and make a fanmade mod or something using Laidlaw's story as a guide....
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