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do not get your skidmarks in a bundle. You are nothing to me and either are your posts. I merely stated that Circ posted something for the RED Team and THAT I was staying out of his thread because it was not meant for me. You should take a hint you annoying cockroach of a man. You may live forever in these posts even after a nuclear disaster but with even all of that time you will still have no one that enjoys you. A mere bloody sore on the tip of my finger you are to me and I happen to pick it and bleed it every once and awhile just to let you know that you are still alive. You think that you have pwned me in the forums and you shall think this for it is natural for children to imagine things.

One of these days Dancing though I will become bored of you and your needless end to destroying the brotherhood. You can see my TFC skillz soon if you would like. I would be more then happy to reinstall Steam and TFC classic to destroy you in front of YOUR PEERS. Bring your family as well to watch since they will once find out again the loser you have become to be. Could be bad DNA...........could be loneliness. Quite possibly could be sheer stupidity. I bid you goodnight Devil. The Yellow Brotherhood have to sleep sometime.

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