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Originally Posted by Darken_Hellspawn
(1)do not get your skidmarks in a bundle.
(2)You are nothing to me and either are your posts.
(3)You may live forever in these posts even after a nuclear disaster but with even all of that time you will still have no one that enjoys you.
(4)You think that you have pwned me in the forums and you shall think this for it is natural for children to imagine things.

(5)One of these days Dancing though I will become bored of you and your needless end to destroying the brotherhood. (6)Bring your family as well to watch since they will once find out again the loser you have become to be. (7)Could be bad DNA...........could be loneliness. Quite possibly could be sheer stupidity.

1. My skidmarks are on my underwear and the only time I could get them in a bundle is if I were to take them off and ball them up.
2. Why do you keep replying then? You usually mention me in your posts, and this one is solely devoted to me.
3. Probably wouldn't be anyone around to enjoy/not enjoy me. At least for a good distance.
4. I'm pretty sure everyone has pwned you at least several times.
5. I've been trying to destroy yellow?
6. If I could convince my entire family to come over just to watch me "get owned in a video game" I'm probably not too much of a loser.
7. Same could be said of you, probably even more so.

Edit: Oh what's this? Another post. Hmm...blah blah blah....give me attention....I'm all bad....
Ok yeah, Circ could annhilate probably several tanks at once the way he pwnz so hard, cleverly, and irreversibly.
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