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Originally Posted by FDA_Approved View Post
Double jump*
Trimp sounds better in my opinion. Besides, what's the difference? Hitting a ramp from an explosion is called trimping? Well why not just call regular djumping trimping and call former trimp a trimp conc or explosion trimp?

Originally Posted by squeek. View Post
And, yeah, the double jump is possible by downtrimping off the ramp in order to decrease the time between jumps so that you double jump off the ground. As FDA said, double jumps are triggered by time between jumps and nothing else.
Sounds like one of my japanese animes! Cool, I didn't know that. I always thought you had to trimp >:[ off a sloped surface, but come to think of it, you can trimp off a lot of props that aren't sloped.

By the way, the faster you're going, the less time between jumps, the more vertical height you get after a trimp >:[ no? If not, what factors in the vertical height gained? Is there a maximum height you can get off a trimp >:[?

Trimping >:[ is confusing.
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