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They are two distinct movement techniques.

Trimping is done by jumping off of an adequately sloped surface (relative to your movement direction) while going over 550 speed. It was intended to essentially only be triggered by hitting jump while rampsliding. When you trimp, your horizontal movement speed is multiplied by 0.714285 repeating (1.0 / 1.4). Your vertical speed is set to (-flDotProduct * flHorizontalSpeed * 1.4), where flDotProduct is DotProduct(vecVelocity, pm.plane.normal). The vertical speed you can achieve from a trimp is capped at 5000.

Double jumping is done by a second jump within 0.5 seconds after the first. Nothing about the ground surface angle matters. Horizontal speed is unaffected. Your vertical speed is set to 190 no matter what.

Supertrimping is done by a bug in the code that allows a trimp and a double jump to be triggered at the same time (the 190 speed from the double jump is added to the trimp's calculated vertical speed). We could fix it, but I think it's better to leave it as is for now because of zE's trimp maps.

EDIT: It gets even more confusing because afaik in QWTF, trimping referred to what double jumping is in FF.
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