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Originally Posted by moosh View Post
Damn that's boring. Couldn't you come up with something a little more interesting? I dunno like a contest (drawing,modeling,something).
I took this advice for Novembers contest, and it got out of hand. People that made a gaming video, and watermarked it with the website name got extra points. Some of the people started downloading videos from youtube, watermarked them, then uploaded the again to youtube. One guy took the left 4 dead introduction video, and wanted points for uploading it to youtube.

Youtube removes a lot of the duplicate content videos. So part of the rules was that the video was supposed to be their own production.

Also, the more people have to do, the less people are likely to enter.


In December we are going to have 2 contest for a game on steam, each one lasting 2 weeks.

First contest starts December 1st and goes through December 15th.

Second contest starts December 16 and goes through December 31st.

This is just a basic forum posting contest.

The prize for each contest is a $25 game off of steam.

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