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The game is -incredibly- different than TFC, if you compare the two side by side. First off, the physics engines are fairly different. Movement, control, and how it all interacts with weapon speeds, weapon spread, etc...the core fundamentals have tons of minute changes. These add up to give FF a very different feel from TFC. Like I've said before, everything in FF is sort of a spam rush. Offense slams themself against the defense a million times and hopes to get an objective completed. Defense dies a million times trying to prevent that from happening. Even if you consider that TFC was ~3/4ths the speed of FF - that's an incredibly huge difference. Think of all the additional information you have to process - where enemies are coming from, where they're going (since control is so easy in FF, whereas if you saw someone conc in TFC you generally knew where they had to go without running into a wall), stuff like that. Basically, FF is more twitch based, whereas TFC was a mix of individual and team strategy.

Then there's the additions and removals.
Pyro is no longer a support class, it's a boring DPS whore (although flamethrower push and pyrotrimping is very well done, kudos on that).

Spy isn't as fun to me as it was in TFC, because cloak seems like such a boring mechanic. I can go into a 24/7 dustbowl server, feign death behind cap 3 and sit there for 3 minutes praying to jesus that no sniper shoots me, then run out and cap the flag - and FUCK that feels good. Even if I just cloak into the flag each time, eventually scoring a's droll. Also - no gas grens. Oh, tranq is pretty cool in FF I suppose.

Engi is good except for a lot of the nerfs to the small things (can't dropbag+emp, death bags are useless so you can't repair armor then TK to get cells back, dispenser and sg det radius+damage is completely fucked this patch for some reason, etc).

Medic is a neat change, medkits are a great idea, but I'm still unsure about completely neutering infections, they're essentially useless now. Also the SNG clip is retarded.

I still don't like jump pads. In theory it's great, and it "fits the class feel", but in execution, they just break the game. It's kind of how teleporters ruined TFC. I'd rather see scouts able to slow down the enemy team rather than make it so everyone on his team, including soldiers and heavies, gets a significant speed boost.

Nothing was done to address snipers being the most obnoxious class in TFC. In fact, it was made even worse by adding in radio tags. If it wasn't for the source engine having shoddy hit detection (arguably), snipers alone would make me, as well as a lot of others, not play outright.

Soldiers...apart from the ridiculously strong lasergren right now, all the minor nerfs they seem to have gotten over the past few patches kinda sucks. Such as nerfing rocket radius. They never struck me as overpowered in any way - just the "go-to" defensive class of FF.

Demos are a lot more spammy in FF, which is kinda disheartening for an offensive player. There's almost no delay between firing a pipe and detting it, and the short blue fuse makes spamming against enemies even better. Add into the fact that killing a demo takes him out of the picture for a lot less time than in TFC, AND you're giving him back his grens...even though killing the demo is often the only way to get the flag out, sometimes it just feels like you're shooting yourself in the foot by doing so.

HW changes...I dunno. I haven't played enough HW recently to comment on it. It's a neat idea, dunno if the slowgren is still worth it compared to mirvs, but it does help reduce spamminess while giving him a good tool. And overpressure is fun. I woulda rather just seen a fix to the cone of fire, but whatever.

Movement I already addressed - not only too fast, but too easy to control while being fast. Trimping is -awesome-, if there's one thing that I can say FF did absolutely right, it's trimping. It might be a little buggy, but it adds an element to the game which isn't ever essential, but can be fun and very helpful for accomplishing objectives. Concs are just too powerful as they are now - and by that, I mean handheld concs. Dropconcs kinda suck, because why would you ever need to dropconc or doubleconc in FF, aside from conc maps? The only time I -ever- throw a conc is if I messed up a jump or a fall, and I have to throw it to avoid being slammed into the ground.

Also, HUD/Graphical/Sound/Whatever additions. Such as the killbeep, or hit indicator, or what have you. More differences.

It's all these changes that make FF so different from TFC. Yeah, you can say "still 9 classes, same (kinda) weapons, same general principle" - but when you get into the nitty gritty, you see that FF is quite a far throw from TFC. Not as far as TF2, but still far.

And it's not as though the direction FF went in is a bad thing, but when people say that FF feels too different from TFC - they're completely right.
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