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Originally Posted by tyrus
Well, I am currently on episode 46 of "Gundam Seed" and holy shit, its has already become one of my favorite anime's. I always see on the internet, those gundam models and have always thought "eh, whats so great about them? they are just non-transformable transformers. what crap" But now, I want them all, every single gundam in the SEED series. They are freaking awesome!

Isn't it great being a 24 year old with toys decorating your room?
Try being 39 :doh:

As a side note we went to see Cars yesterday. As it was starting my girlfriend, to whom I have been introducing Anime, said, "They seems to be doing more and more anime."

To which I replied, "Yes they are but this isn't's animation. By definition anime is Japanese and has certain distinctive styling and themes."

Cars, FWIW, was a good move IMO. It was a little slow in parts but finished really strong....if predictable.
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