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Originally Posted by Alex K View Post
I have a problem with weapons, for example nailgun and super (insert name here) super i'll translate it for improved atm, but nailgun "pistola de clavos" sounds horrible xD anyone has the names of TFC?
Ahora mismo no recuerdo los nombres en español, pero creo que no se alejaban mucho... Quizá deberías poner "claveteadora" o "remachadora"... Y no sé si es buena idea cambiar "Super" por "mejorada", porque a lo mejor acabas quedándote sin espacio =D!

Este link puede ser de ayuda, aunque hay cosas que no quedan muy bien - la Railgun debería ser algo como "pistola de rayos/láser", por ejemplo.

By the way, are there character limits on any of those lines? Some words in Spanish, if not most, are way longer than in English, which may cause a fitting problem. So if there's a character limit, the sooner we know it the better =o

Also, I guess it's possible to test the language swap by overwriting the original .txt with the translated one, or it will cause issues with servers with sv_pure? (Don't really want to screw up lol)
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