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Originally Posted by Ihmhi View Post
Well we can get rough equivalents of stuff, no?

Literal translations would sound stupid, but like most of those terms have military terms. Scout, Sniper, Soldier... those are easy. Every country has an army. Demoman? Anything from Bomber, Demolitions Expert, etc. Medic is easy too. I think most languages would have a word for Pyromaniac. Spy shouldn't be that hard, nor should Engineer. So really, the hardest one is HW Guy.

Besides, if we didn't, all people are going to be saying is stuff like:

"What does [Demoman] mean?"

And whatever that other person would say, that's what it should be named.
Mabye the HW Guy could have the translated word "Support Weapons"?
Although that redirects to anti-tank and artillery stuff on wikipedia.

Really the only thing close would be something like "Machine Gunner"
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