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Originally Posted by FDA_Approved View Post


I actually have my doubts about how fun/well this would work out. A multiplayer mod is one thing. But idk how a whole spanking mmo will work out.

One thing I didn't like about skyrim is how lacking the cities were. I'm sure that a lot of us were hoping for some really epic cities. Most of them are really small, and that really doesn't sound like a good mmo experience. Allthough it set to take place ďa millennium before the events of Skyrim". So who knows.

Idk, skyrim was amazing. But I have my doubts about an MMO adaption.
Elder Scrolls MMO*

And it's going to be bad. It's practically the same Machanical core that SWTOR used, same engine, and they've divided races into factions which pretty much destroys the element of immersion when it comes to trust. You're forced to pick a side. No player homes, no first person aspect, and more then likely, the end game is going to suck (just like SWTOR.) Pass up the title. Not sure what Bethesda was thinking this time around.
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