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How exactly are you related to Bethesda Softworks again?

ZeniMax Media owns both Bethesda Softworks as well as ZeniMax Online Studios. Bethesda makes AAA console-oriented titles, and ZeniMax Online (us!) makes MMOGs. Because we are all inside the same corporate structure, we share IP and because our offices are only about an hour apart, we can work closely with Bethesda's staff.
Straight from the ZeniMax website. I was actually looking for other titles they've made so as to get a good overview of what kind of product they put out, but I thought that name was familiar; they're all owned by ZeniMax Media, who owns id, Bethesda, Arkane.

Funny enough, I can find hits all over for their ZeniMax Online Studios, and references to the developers that ZeniMax owns, but I can't find anything that it has actually developed itself. Is it a new division freshly cut to put out the ES MMO?
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