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Originally Posted by GenghisTron View Post
Wow, it's refreshing to see someone level an actual criticism of Skyrim. I played it for 90 hours, and couldn't pick it back up. Todd Howard said that Skyrim would have everything that was great about Morrowind in it. It didn't. Morrowind was by far the best game in the Elder Scrolls series. Skyrim doesn't hold a candle to the experience it provided it's players. There were so many easter eggs, each city was ENTIRELY different from the next, it felt organic. Skyrim was boring in the RPG aspect, it recycled the same shit we've seen in every other RPG under the sun and covered up it's RPG deficiency with Micheal Bay-style wowism. Morrowind felt so organic and spontaneous, and as someone who has played a lot of games (and RPG's) it felt like every new area of the world held a new discovery that would enhance the plot that much more. There was a few annoying things about Morrowind, and Skyrim fixed them, and they even added some cool new things, but it's still an unpolished and undeveloped RPG.

So I'm not entirely off-topic, a Skyrim MMO is a terrible idea. The only reason it'll be successful is because of how many clueless gamers are out there who fawn over stupid fucking memes and latch to the crusty anuses of every new bandwagon trend that comes to town. With success comes pragmatism, and with pragmatism comes shitty games. It happens to every major publisher and developer. The bigger you get, the more window-licking mouth-breathers you have to please, and the worse your product gets. 'Wholesome' developers like Bethesda and even iD all fall into this trap.

Omg baby. We can talk about what Skyrim did wrong all day. I really like skyrim, but it's deffinately a let down compared to Morrowind. Consolized all to hell basicly.

I really liked how in Morrowind, you could talk to anyone. They might not have much to say. But you could ask anyone about rumors, or who they are, etc etc. I hate how you can no longer attack or spell cast in the air, not to mention no flying period. Lack of acrobatics and athletics killed it for me as well.
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