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:( My video card finally died. Suggestions on a replacement?

I've had my current nVidia 980gtx for I wanna say 4-5 years and it just bit the dust. Tiling, vertical green lines on either of my dual monitors after about 6 months of random issues with it. I did some research and found that baking it in the oven to reflow the solder on the connections might be a solution, but I don't think I'm crazy enough to try that and it's only a temporary fix at best anyway. So I need to replace this bitch.

Anyone up-to-date with the current video card tech that's available today? I hear the 900 series cards are great, but they're too expensive. I'm willing to shell out $1-$200 on one. I'm sure anything around that price range will trounce my existing card specs all around. I've always had good luck with nVidia in the past, but might be open to an ATI card if it has comparable specs that would work well with an AMD board/cpu. I'm also looking for a card that will take up around the same or less power than my old one.
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