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Originally Posted by Crazycarl View Post
To clarify, there are only three basic entities relevant to FF mapping--triggers, player spawns, and items. What these entities do depends on a Lua script that you release with your map. You can do a huge amount of customization of the rules of your game, but You are stuck with HL2's entities for the most part.
It's interesting to hear that there is LUA support for individual maps; that certainly opens up several possibilities. However with regards to the entities, have any standard HL2/Source ones been specifically disabled or removed for Fortress Forever? As in, are there entities that would exist in say, HL2 or CSS, but not in Fortress Forever?

With regards to my second question, do FF players tolerate, or perhaps even enjoy escape-style maps? Would that be something that the FF community would like to see more of?

If this is something that FF players would like, would FF developers be interested in at least making sure that FF remains in such a state that allows (and doesn't break existing) escape maps through future updates? Or if the FF devs are interested in being proactive, perhaps adding escape-style requests by the community (if there were to be any)?

And if the FF playerbase doesn't want to see escape maps in this mod, what other mod or game do you play them in/would like to see them in?

These are very open-ended questions (except for the dev-related ones), so everyone's opinion is both warranted and encouraged! Thoughts and ideas are very welcome!
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