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Originally Posted by Nezumi View Post
What are escape maps?
Everyone else seems to know already
I'd recommend taking a look at this video.
It's a small compilation of some of the obstacles that need to be overcome in a TFC map by the name of k_thegame2_r. My friends and I have played that particular map to death, speedrunning it endlessly. I am not featured in that video, but my friends Ace7 (red), SiberX (yellow), and the videographer toastfox (white) are the three players.

As for a textual description; escape maps are co-operative maps designed to be completed with multiple players (usually 2, sometimes more). The puzzles and obstacles featured both test one's knowledge and ability to navigate the nuances of the engine the map was designed for, as well as test one's thinking and problem-solving skills in various ways.

Examples of simple mechanics could be pushing two buttons that are distant from each other at the same time to activate something, or "stacking" on one person to reach something not low/close enough for a normal jump by one person, and even backtracking through part of the map in order to reach a previously locked area.

The objective of every one of these maps was usually to make it to the end and "escape"; in other words, to complete all of the tasks presented to you successfully. Because some of the maps could take quite some time to complete, there were usually progressive spawn points as players inched their way towards the end - another option was to use a teleport near the beginning that changed destinations as players made their way closer to their goal.

Since I can't do much more in terms of explanation, I'll list some of the decent ones I've played, and encourage some FF players to jump into a map with some determination to complete one (or more!).

For TFC;
k_thegame > simple, gives a good representation of escape gameplay, next to no "thinking" puzzles

k_thegame2_r > tougher, I've personally played this one ad nauseum, some thinking required

arcticescape_r > mostly well-designed map (except right at the end), some thinking/timing puzzles

hackers_beta2 > very long, very well-designed (albeit tough), several thinking puzzles; this is a great example of what escape maps can be - with a checkpoint system, this map would be near-perfect

There are SvenCoop escape maps, but I stress that the best are for TFC. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!
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